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Suppliers, Traders and Caterers etc.

Organisers should reference the restrictions for the area where the event is being held in terms of what retail and foodservice operations are permitted to do.

  • Organisers should consider requesting that suppliers only send staff to event sites who have declared themselves well that day.
  • Organisers should require suppliers to sanitize equipment before it is handed over on site.
  • Organisers should provide suppliers with details of their COVID-19 policy/requirements and ask them to sign up to abide by these in advance of the event.
  • Organisers should consider requiring all those with stands, or operating in areas where they will have an interface with the public, to undertake a risk assessment and provide the organiser with details of how they will shield their staff and the public to minimise risk and maintain social distancing.
  • Organisers may wish to provide guidelines for traders etc.but this should not be an alternative to traders providing their own risk assessments and thinking through the issues.This should include plans to move staff to a safe place and in isolation if they become unwell.
  • Organisers should insist on a consistent approach from all traders and caterers throughout the event.
  • Consideration should be given to avoiding pinch points when deciding on trader siting.
  • All catering facilities should take into account social distancing in the way they operate, where possible, avoiding queues.
  • All food and drink operations on the event site must comply with hospitality rules operating in the local area.
  • Catering facilities should be required to operate to the standards required of foodservice operations generally and should comply with appropriate foodservice andfood retailing COVID-19 guidance
  • Encourage caterers to operate a click and collect service, possibly through an event app.
  • If tables and chairs are provided, these should be suitably spaced, in line with social distancing requirements, and frequently cleaned with suitable detergents/sanitisers.
  • Where a kiosk or outlet can only provide a takeaway service under the rules customers can eat and drink anywhere in the outdoor setting.
  • Customers should be reminded to adhere to safe social distancing when queuing for food and drink by putting up signs or introducing a one-way system that customers can follow.The employment of extra marshals to enforce this may be necessary.
  • From Step 1b, 29 March and until Step 3, no earlier than the 17 May, customers eating and drinking in the outdoor setting should not gather in groups of more than 6 people or two households and signs should be put up to remind customers not to gather beyond their permitted groups (unless exemptions apply) when consuming food and drink outdoors. 
  • Further guidance on these restrictions can be found in Government Hospitality guidance
  • Customers may purchase food or drink from an indoor counter to takeaway and consume in an outdoor setting if there is no adjacent seating available. 
  • All food should be suitably covered.
  • Caterers should not be allowed to trade without suitable hand washing facilities.
  • Where possible, single use containers should be used, and attendees should be encouraged to throw these in waste bins after use.
  • Organisers should agree working requirements for food suppliers in advance, including controls on incoming goods etc.
  • Any food sampling should be done in a way to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Traders should follow the guidance for retailing.
  • Where exhibitors/traders share a structure, the Government’s retail guidance should be followed, including one-way systems and signage etc., to maintain social distancing.
  • Any activity which involves close contact, such as printed materials or a ‘thank you’ (for example, a badge for adopting an animal), should only be done in a way that is safe.Where items are offered in exchange for support, only do this where it can be collected from an appropriate distance and with hygiene measures in place (for example, through the availability of hand sanitiser).
  • Traders should discourage attendees from handling products and should use display systems to avoid this.

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